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Monday, February 11, 2008

The Windmill, February 9, 2008
[Marilyn Kingwill]
Sunday, February 10, 2008
  Something In The Air
A special night for the DS3 at the Windmill in Brixton, our first foray into the legendary SW2 postcode. We got a really warm reception from a great crowd at the kind of old school pub venue that you used to find everywhere in London but which has now become something of an endangered species. Low, triangular stage in a corner, wooden floor, well-worn fixtures & fittings, generous, unspoilt vibe.

We were sharing the stage with Thunderclap Newman - the band famous for their song Something in the Air, a massive No.1 hit in 1969. Of the original guys who made the record only the keyboard player Andy "Thunderclap" Newman is still alive, which is tragic for those involved, but handy at least for the continuing maintenance of the brand name. Speedy Keen who wrote, sang and played drums on the song died in 2002, while Jimmy McCulloch, just 15 when he recorded the guitar parts, died in 1979 at the age of 26. (Actually, Pete Townshend, who played bass and produced the record, is still alive, but he was never a formal member of the group.)

Newman was already something of an eccentric in 1969. Now in his mid-sixties, he looks and acts as if he has recently escaped from the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band. He has gathered an endearingly quirky bunch of talented, multi-national musicians around him, who were some of the friendliest people we have encountered on the circuit. They were great company and special thanks to Antonio for letting Drew use his kit.

I've got to say, that for me, part of the fun of this whole adventure is hooking up with characters like these and becoming a part of the loose fraternity of musicians that operate with continuing commitment and dignity, far from the commercial mainstream. Mind you, I'd like to become part of the fraternity that operates a little closer to the beating heart of the business, and to that end we are, of course, spreading the word about the Trio's new album, Threewheeling, available here solely through NovaTunes, the new, websmart record label based in California.

Four of the new tracks are now up on the MySpace page. And a new video of London Dust shot in the studio is on the way. George has seen it and says it is awesome. Surely, a breakthrough appearance on Later with Jools Holland cannot be far behind! We're available, guys!
Sunday, February 03, 2008
  Album, Video, Gigs, Painting, Boom Booming...
The second album is now released. It is called Threewheeling and features ten new songs written by me, played by George, Drew and myself, and produced and mixed by Gareth Parton. You can find it here at NovaTunes, a hot new record label based in Venice, California. And it's great! I'll be putting some of the tracks up on the MySpace page in the next few days, so check it out.

Oh and we have made a video of our last gig at The 100 Club. It was shot by Jon Slade with help from Phil Chappell and Jack, and edited by Jon and George. You can find three numbers from it at YouTube. We had a screening of the whole performance at a preview theatre at Sky TV on New Year's Eve. Friends, family and the Sky massive showed up. We got in some booze. Sat back and saw ourselves playing on a cinema-sized screen. What a way to mark the third anniversary of the band!

The artwork for the album is an oil painting of the Trio by the acclaimed artist Julie Bennett. Julie is one of the Saatchi Gallery's "rising stars". We sat for her (well, stood actually) in our rehearsal studios in Acton and this superb triptych duly emerged.

The new year kicked off with gigs at the New Bull & Butcher in Whetstone and a return to the always welcoming Boom Boom Club in Sutton, both in the company of the admirable Ruthless Blues.

We are officially launching Threewheeling with a couple of shows at The Windmill in Brixton this Saturday (Feb 9) and The Grey Horse in Kingston the following Wednesday (Feb 13). Come along and catch up with the new songs, and all the other news, there.
THE DIARY OF A ROCK'N'ROLL AFFAIR David Sinclair is a songwriter and bandleader who lives in West London. He runs the David Sinclair Trio featuring George Andrew (bass/vocals) and Jack Sinclair (drums/vocals). This is the story of the group.

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