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Saturday, December 31, 2011
  The Blog Marches On
This blog has migrated to www.davidsinclairtrio.com, the official website of the David Sinclair Trio.
Thursday, February 10, 2011
  Local Affairs
I'm always delighted when the local press are seen to be paying attention to what's happening in the world of arts and culture. But I was nevertheless a little startled to see my own head blocking out the W on the front page masthead of the h&f news - the journal of record in the great London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham. This particular story of my charmed life gives due credit to my achievements as a musician and music critic, but seems to take a special interest in my role as author of the definitive biography of the Spice Girls. Anyway, it's always great to get such lavish exposure, particularly as we have a gig to fill at the King's Arms in Acton, W3 on Friday February 18. Not only that, but both the DS3 albums - Hey and Threewheeling - are now available to purchase on iTunes, Spotify, Play, Napster, Amazon and Tesco Digital. I'll put some links up here for them when I get a moment, and maybe some of you will find it in your hearts to indulge in a bit of legal downloading.

And who knows, we might even shift a few copies of my Spice Girls book!

Meanwhile, those of you unfortunate enough not to live in Hammersmith & Fulham can check out the story here.

Saturday, July 24, 2010
  Robert Sandall 1952 - 2010
My good friend Robert Sandall died this week. I knew him since 1977 when we put together our first group Blunt Instrument. We played together in the Blunts and then in London Zoo until 1980 after which Robert went up to Edinburgh to form a band called Epsilon.

Everybody knows that Robert was an incredible journalist. But in those days he was a hugely talented songwriter and visionary bandleader. I learned so much from being around him in those groups. His lyrics still ring in my head to this day. And if truth be told, he had a bigger influence on my singing and my songwriting and my musical worldview than anyone else, period.

George and I played with Robert in a short-lived instrumental band called the Riding Hoods. And Drew played drums with him in Epsilon. So he touched the DS3 in more ways than you might imagine.

Knowing that Robert was ill, we had organised a Blunt Instrument reunion in London for tomorrow. Bill Benfield has come over from Tokyo, Ed Shaw is coming up from Sandwich. Our roadie Az is flying in from Austria. We tried to get hold of Nick Aldridge (guitarist in London Zoo) but couldn't track him down. (Get in touch, Nicky).

So - typical of Robert to go and jump the gun. But we will be raising a glass to him tomorrow in his absence. An awesome guy.

I have written a personal appreciation of Robert in tomorrow's [July 25] Sunday Times (News Review section).
Friday, February 12, 2010
  MySpace Session/Music Think Tank
The group is featured in a MySpace package at http://vids.myspace.com/myspacetoday
See the DS3 playing live in the offices of MySpace HQ in London. Includes a new song Perfect In Every Way. Don't forget to rate it while you're over there. It's unmissable!

We are in the running for a prize at the Music Think Tank:
Please check it out and leave a message on the wall over there to register your vote for us. They need to know you care! Thanks peeps.
Sunday, September 06, 2009
  Inspiration Strikes

I took a week in August and went to songwriting summer school. I learnt a ton of stuff about how to craft a lyric and melody and, although it may sound strange to say it, I finally got permission to write songs. I met Boo Hewerdine, Andy White, Iain Archer (ex-Snow Patrol) and the mighty Richard Parfitt (who used to be the frontman of 60 Foot Dolls) and I got a serious insight into how the job of songwriting is really done. You can read the full story in today's Sunday Times.

What I discovered was that songwriting is about application and technique not sitting around waiting for inspiration to strike. But the funny thing is this discovery in itself proved to be pretty inspirational, and spending a week in that kind of company sent the motivation meter off the scale.

After our tour of northern England, with Justin Hildreth sitting in on drums - for which many thanks, amigo - the Trio has regrouped with the mighty Jack Sinclair on drums. Jack is an amazing player and always a pleasure to have around. Our recent gigs with him in Hertford (see pic above), Whitstable, Liverpool and here in London have been some of the best we've ever played. Not only that, he has sent the average age of the Trio plummeting. I'm proud to have him installed in the ranks and the band now sounds better than ever.

So we're rolling onwards. Next is our annual gig at Wilton's Music Hall with the Rollin' Stoned on October 30, where we'll have some new songs to play. Amazing venue, and a great night for sure. Come along and check it out.
Sunday, January 04, 2009
  New Year Rocks
New Year's Eve is a special anniversary for the DS3. We recorded our first song – Dusted & Rusted - on Hogmanay, four years ago. Since then:
20 songs, written & recorded
2 albums – Hey & Threewheeling - released on Critical Discs
2 promotional videos, Feedback & London Dust, directed by Jon Slade
45 gigs, including 6 rocking shows at the 100 Club

The group is currently working on:
New songs, ready to record
New video, Was I Strong Enough?, storyboarded and about to start shooting.
Next gig, at the Half Moon, Herne Hill on Jan 17

Plus check out David's special Guitar Break report in The Sunday Times, Culture section TODAY, January 4.

Happy New Year from David, George & Drew.
Tuesday, November 04, 2008
  Knock On Wood
There was suddenly an added buzz about our gig at the 100 Club with the blues maestro Stephen Dale Petit when his people sent out a press release the day before announcing that SDP would be "joined by friends Ronnie Wood, Mick Taylor and Tim O'Toole to perform album tracks". But in the end neither the mighty Ron nor the man he replaced in the Rolling Stones showed up (not sure who Tim O'Toole is). I had a chat with SDP after our set and he said that Ron had been proving "elusive".

It certainly didn't spoil a great night. I love playing at the 100 Club. This was our third gig there this year (sixth in all) and there is something about the place - the history, the sound of the room, the width of the stage (like performing on a landing strip) - that gets to me every time. I feel as if my performance there is somehow invested with the authority of the venue, if that makes any sense. Chord changes flow like honey. Stage moves are gracefully executed and I'm back at the mic in plenty of time to sing the next line. Eye contact with the audience is easy - and fun! There is an aura from the place that seeps into your singing and playing.

The gig was reviewed at raysgigs.com (scroll down to 2008-11-01: Thurs evening was a great double bill of blues rock feat Stephen Dale Petit + David Sinclair Trio at The 100 Club, London...)

We are starting work on a new video for Are You Strong Enough? It has been storyboarded by the director Jon Slade, and the band is going to be located discreetly in the background while a tempestuous story of young love and loss unfolds in the foreground. So we are looking for actors to cast in the main roles. I'm hoping we have already found the male lead, but we are still looking for a female lead and two other female supporting characters. It's expenses only at this point, but major kudos and a good laugh await the successful applicants. Get in touch if you think you might fit the bill or know of anyone, preferably in their twenties, with acting skills.

Our previous video, also directed by Jon Slade, is still here (click on "watch in high quality" tab in bottom right corner of screen).

"Now everyone is a star on YouTube..."
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