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Saturday, July 24, 2010
  Robert Sandall 1952 - 2010
My good friend Robert Sandall died this week. I knew him since 1977 when we put together our first group Blunt Instrument. We played together in the Blunts and then in London Zoo until 1980 after which Robert went up to Edinburgh to form a band called Epsilon.

Everybody knows that Robert was an incredible journalist. But in those days he was a hugely talented songwriter and visionary bandleader. I learned so much from being around him in those groups. His lyrics still ring in my head to this day. And if truth be told, he had a bigger influence on my singing and my songwriting and my musical worldview than anyone else, period.

George and I played with Robert in a short-lived instrumental band called the Riding Hoods. And Drew played drums with him in Epsilon. So he touched the DS3 in more ways than you might imagine.

Knowing that Robert was ill, we had organised a Blunt Instrument reunion in London for tomorrow. Bill Benfield has come over from Tokyo, Ed Shaw is coming up from Sandwich. Our roadie Az is flying in from Austria. We tried to get hold of Nick Aldridge (guitarist in London Zoo) but couldn't track him down. (Get in touch, Nicky).

So - typical of Robert to go and jump the gun. But we will be raising a glass to him tomorrow in his absence. An awesome guy.

I have written a personal appreciation of Robert in tomorrow's [July 25] Sunday Times (News Review section).
David, I can hear some of those lyrics ringing in my head too. "YOu and your stupid ideas" is one that comes to mind but I'm not sure if that was pre or post Epsilon.

He would have been very surprised to hear you say he had influenced you so much. He would have been flattered too, I think. Do you have any recordings of Blunt instrument? I would like to hear it again.

Yes Marina. There are copies of various singles and radio sessions around. Lovely to hear from you. Where are you these days? David
David, Are you in touch with Charles? He can give you my contact details. If not let me know. I hear you did a great obit at the weekend but I cannot get it on line.. could you e-mail me your copy, please? I once had copies of YOu and your great/stupid ideas and also Who;s driving this car, which were about an old friend of ours. If you see either or both of those anywhere I would really like a copy. I am in the Caribbean now but due to come over around Christmas. If you live in the same place I will get in touch there, if we have not managed to make contact before then. Big hug Marina
I was very sorry to read about Robert's death. He wrote a blistering article in the Sunday Times about his cancer. Robert and Marina were terrific encouragers when I started out at the BBC. Both went on to amazing careers and I had a great time in TV. Thanks so both. Sue Radford.
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