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Wednesday, September 20, 2006
  TV Smith *Misinformation* Alert
Great news. TV Smith is going to play a set at our gig tomorrow at Ginglik. We were originally booked to support another band who, rather inconveniently, have split up. So Tim has kindly agreed to step in at short notice. What a dude!

Tim has done it all. A brilliant singer and songwriter, he was the leader of the Adverts and then TV Smith's Explorers, the band for whom, in a previous existence, I played drums. We were signed to Kaleidoscope, a subsidiary of CBS, and released one album - The Last Words of the Great Explorer. Tim has released many albums since then while reinventing himself on the road as a one-man acoustic punk-troubadour. His current album, Misinformation Overload, is a return to his angry rock roots and comes highly recommended.

So this makes tomorrow's show not merely a great line-up but also a historic reunion. It will certainly be a pleasure for me to share the same stage as Tim again - if not at exactly the same time.

See you there.
You may regret having a blog when school friends get in touch. I was walking down Oxfod St a couple of weeks ago when I saw your name on a bill for the 100 club. I assumed it was you. IT was strange because a couple of days I'd met up with an Eltham College friend, Jerry Udall, who I hadn;t seen since since 1971.
Anyway I texted him and we agreed to go to the gig. No we're not blagging to be on the guest list. But if you want to say hello, we will be somewhere in the shadows.
One thing, David , at my age, don't play too loud. The ears can't take it anymore.Martin
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Hey Martin, Great to see you & Jerry at the gig. What a blast to meet up again after all these years. But I didn't get your number or email. Give me a shout sometime either on www.myspace.com/davidsinclair or via my website: ds@davidsinclairuk.com
Hope to see you again soon.
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