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Friday, May 18, 2007
  In the Right Direction
I did a really great session on the Pete Jones show on Radio Reverb last week. Radio Reverb is a new station operating on 97.2FM in the Brighton area or, like most stations these days, broadcasting worldwide via their website - do check it out. Pete has a radio style that reminded me of the young Bob Harris. Very clued-up, laid back vibe. I went to Brighton direct from Glasgow, and since I hadn't been home for three days, I didn't have a guitar with me, as requested. No matter. Pete had borrowed a lovely Ibanez acoustic from a friend of his, and so I was able to play a new song - Sharks - live on air. A world premier, no less. Pete played Going to do Something and Dusted & Rusted from Hey and we had a good long chat about how I got the band together and about the writing and recording of the album. Then he played some of my favourite tracks by other acts: the Stones (of course) Muse, and Little Barrie. Best of all - having said on air how much we'd like to play in Brighton - the very next day we were offered a gig at the Pressure Point in Brighton on June 10.
Marilyn Kingwill, who has taken so many brilliant photographs of the group since we started, is now booking our gigs. She has made an impressive start with a string of shows in London and elsewhere, beginning with a return to the Borderline on Sunday May 27, in the company of our friends the Sky Pirates and Pezband. For full details check the MySpace site. And thanks Marilyn. Your photo pass will be on the door.
Meanwhile, we are going into Fortress Studio near Old Street, N1 with Gareth Parton for two days this week to start work on some tracks for the next album. We have already got ten top new songs, all written and rehearsed. It's going to be so exciting starting on another album with George and Drew. We've played together so much since the sessions for the first album, that this will be a completely different trip. I think we are going to surprise a few people.
As Drew is fond of saying, it's all moving in the right direction.
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